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Confidentiality Undertaking


To Whom It My Concern

We understand that many of you are concerned about the possible disclosure of your involvement should you participate in the potential Class Action against the Australian Defence Force (ADF). We want to assure you that your privacy is of the utmost importance to us and, as such, please note the following:

• In a Class Action, there is no requirement for the lawyers for the group members to disclose their identity.

• It is up to a group member to decide whether he or she is prepared to disclose his or her identity.

• A lawyer cannot act without the consent or approval of the client.

• When there is a mediation and the Defendant is engaged in the process of attempting to settle a claim, often some or all of the group members will want to disclose their identity.

• However, we have been involved in cases settled by the payment of a lump sum, which represents the aggregate of all claimants’ entitlements and the way in which the sum is distributed occurs according to an agreed formula approved by the Court but does not require the identification of individual group members to the Defendant.

• Levitt Robinson has engaged Class PR to canvass the prospect of commencing a Class Action on your behalf against the ADF and any communications with Class PR will be safeguarded and treated “in confidence”, as we have demanded of them.


With Compliments,

Stewart A Levitt

Senior Partner
Levitt Robinson Solicitors