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This notice is for those who have registered as a ‘group member’ for the ‘Banksia Hill Class Action’ – note you may have registered for yourself (as an ex-Banksia Hill detainee) or on behalf of someone close to you (e.g., your child, partner, grandchild).

As you are no doubt aware, a ‘representative’ or ‘group’ complaint was filed at the Australian Human Rights Commission (the ‘AHRC’) on behalf of all ‘current and former detainees of Banksia Hill Detention Centre, and/or its predecessor Rangeview’, against ‘Youth Justice Services’ in Western Australia. The Complaint alleges that group members suffered discrimination based on their age, race and/or disability, and was recently accepted on all three grounds. This is a significant milestone, particularly given the nature and scope of the complaint – potentially thousands of group members, spanning 20+ years.

The AHRC has communicated its intention to ‘terminate’ the Complaint, in recognition of it  “involving issues of public importance,” and there being “no reasonable prospect” of it being settled by conciliation. Once the complaint is terminated, Levitt Robinson Solicitors, the firm running the action, will file class action proceedings, which are the same in substance as the original Complaint, within 60 days. We kindly ask that you acknowledge receipt of this notice, and ‘agree’ to the steps outlined above, my clicking on the below button.

Kind Regards,

Dana Levitt

Class PR


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