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Funder application
Conflicts Statement

Class PR is a public relations company ultimately owned by persons closely associated and related to the Senior Partner of Levitt Robinson. It operates separately and independently from Levitt Robinson and may accept instructions from law firms other than Levitt Robinson (subject to strict confidentiality safeguards) and to provide PR and other services, and to litigation funders in general. It offers services to law firms and litigation funders among other sectors, as well as to members of the public with bright ideas, both to advance individual claims and class actions. We assist with class-building, marketing and sourcing litigation funding. It develops and runs strategic campaigns, lobbying government on behalf of individuals, communities, interest groups and industry, to address particular grievances or to achieve targeted objectives. Campaign activities include media liaison (all forms of media), preparing press releases and marketing materials and formal, researched submissions.

Each client relationship with Class PR is individual and confidential, as between Class PR and the client. We will provide our clients, at our own expense, with a Confidentiality (Non-Disclosure) and Non-Circumvention Agreement, upon your electing to engage us, to protect your confidential IP and business secrets.